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Argentinean Cattle and Sheep are reared in a natural way, being fed only with naturally grown pastures and hay. Therefore, all Argentinean Meat is considered to be Natural or Ecological.

In addition, many producers have had their Natural production certified by independent agencies, so it competes in the most demanding and developed markets as Organic Meat.


Certified Organic Meat

For a Natural Product to become an Organic Product, it must comply with the stringent production, animal husbandry and processing requirements of an organic standard, and it also requires additional provisions that include an audit trail and third-party verification.

The primary characteristics of Organic Meat Production are:

It is a legally defined standard;
There is a registered, documented and inspected trail from "farm gate to dinner plate";
It operates to the very highest levels of animal welfare;
No routine drugs, growth promoters, animal offal or any other additives fed to animals (sick animals may of course be treated);
At least 70% of animal feed must he grown to organic standards;
No use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides on feed crops or grass;
No use of Genetically Modified Organisms.


Organic Products Certifying Agency

The Standards used by the main Organic Certifying Agency in Argentina, are backed by the Argentinean National Organic Standards, those of the European Union, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the National Organic Program (NOP). It is also one of the 16 IFOAM accredited certifying agencies (and the first one accredited in Argentina) and it is backed by Germany's DAP standards regarding ISO 65/UE 45011.


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