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Exported directly from Patagonia, MTG provides its customers with the highest quality Lamb meat. This is produced in a place privileged by an ecosystem that is unique: dry climate, strong winds and intense cold. Added to big extensions of natural fields, these attributes produce a non-fat meat with a soft taste, low cholesterol content, and an exquisite flavor.

MTG’s Lamb suppliers from Patagonia, have all been certified by independent entities as Organic Meat Producers, after compelling with detailed requirements. (see Certified Organic Meat)

Corriedale, Merino and Romney Marsh, are the predominant sheep breeds raised in Patagonia.
Lamb plants are equipped with high tech machinery and comply with the strict hygiene and quality controls required by SE.NA.S.A. (National Service of Animal Health), and with the HAACP and SOP programs.

The works also produce, at request, Kosher and Halal lamb products.

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