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Argentina, a Country Free of Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease

Avian Influenza (commonly known as Chicken Flu), is a disease with a high mortality rate that affects birds populations. It spreads so rapidly that it has caused devastating results to Poultry production, worldwide. In the past few years the disease has been reported in diverse regions of the planet, from Hong Kong, Korea, Taipei, Laos, to Canada and USA.

Newcastle Disease has also a high mortality and morbidity rate, being chickens the most susceptible poultry. It is considered endemic in many regions of the world. USA, Canada, Russia, Austria and Cyprus are the countries where the disease has most recently been reported.

There has never been a case of Avian Influenza in Argentina, and in 1999 the country was declared Free of Newcastle Disease. All precautions are taken to make sure the country’s status remains the same.

Such privileged sanitary position has favoured Argentina’s poultry industry and most certainly its international commerce, now exporting to a large number of markets throughout the world.


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