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Fish & Seafood

Our suppliers have large fleets of fishing boats that guarantee the capture of a large variety of species throughout the year, as well as processing plants provided with the highest tecnology quality control labs that eliminate any posible risk of contamination.

All of our providers are HACCP certified, allowing us to satisfy our customers’ needs from all over the world, including United States and EEC (European Union).

Argentina’s fishing areas include Mar del Plata, the country’s richest fishing port, as well as Puerto Deseado and the southest city in the world, Ushuaia, both from Patagonia. Also, our associates from Chile, Brazil and Uruguay can supply us with many other different species.


Our main products include the following:

Kingclip (Genipterus Blacodes)

White Croaker (Micropogonias Opercularis)

Hake Whiting (Merluccius Hubbsi)

Argentine Pink Shrimp (Pleoticus Muelleri)

Hoki (Macruronus Magellanicus)

Argentine Anchovy (Engraulis Anchoitas)

Sea Trout (Cynoscion Striatus)

Mackerel (Scomber Japonicus)


At MTG we have many other Fish & Seafood products available, so please Contact Us and let us know the specific species and preparation that you require. We will certainly be able to please your needs.

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