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An FMD & BSE Free Country
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We are a team of young professionals, aware that our most valuable asset, our clients, choose us for the quality of our services.

We are in the Business of Improving our Customer’s Business

At MTG we take excellent care of our clients’ interests when purchasing meat products from South America, supervising the execution of all operations, such us:

Guiding our customers in all matters related to the import of South American meat,

Negotiating the right products at the best market prices,

Performing independent quality controls,

Supervising shipments,

Controlling export documents,

Taking care of banking and payment issues,

   and last but not least,

Keeping close contact with our customers in order to assure their total satisfaction, by delivering what has been promised.



We have solid contacts in the main slaughterhouses and meat packers from Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, as well as with a diversity of smaller exporters with lower structure costs, more flexibility, and faster response’ times.

Market Presence Policy
Once established and actively operating in a specific market, we work towards associating with a local representative whose deep knowledge of the marketplace can help us obtain feedback on how each market behaves.

Face To Face Contact
We frequently visit our clients because we believe that knowing them deeper can help us identify their needs of products and services, better.

Straight Operations
For transparency reasons, we do not make triangulated businesses. It is always an exporter-importer deal, generating no extra costs or over-charges for the buyer.

Quality Control of Each Shipment
An independent certified quality controlling agent will supervise the production process, packing and shipment of each container. During the process, MTG supervises the veracity of each control.

Costs Lowering and Profit Increasing
In MTG we work to become our clients’ associate, by turning into buying agents for the meat products with the highest Quality/Price ratio in the world.
That way we expand our product offering possibilities.
Our clients are able to acquire the best meat in the world without having to additionally invest in its purchasing structure. This turns into an increase in our clients’ profitability.


We do not generate any additional costs to your business...We lower them.
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