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Argentina has developed a product traceability during the entire processing stage in order to ensure the quality and safety of the final product.

Information is stored on a computerized control system, with bar coding providing distinct identification of the product throughout the process.

Upon the arrival at the plant each animal lot is given a herd number that is carried though the slaughter and quartering process.

Slaughter labels and carcass quartering labels are linked to each other and detail the following:

Herd Number
Date of Slaughter
Weight of Cut
Type of Animal
Destination (Export or Domestic Consumption)
Other Additional Data

The cuts prepared after the Fabrication, Conditioning, and Packing, carry labels and tags that are attached to the case and the corresponding cut.

Each label and tag indicate:

Date of Slaughter
Date of Preparation
Lot Number
Expiration Date
Type of Cut
Net Weight
Additional Details Related to Preservation

Links between herd number, date of slaughter, date of processing, and lot number make it possible to trace the process from the origin of the raw material up until the final product.


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